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If you do not choose the shipment consolidation option, your parcel will be shipped out immediately when each package arrives.

No, once the parcel is generated to ship, we can't cancel it for you any more. It could have already been packed and handled to logistic company even the status has not been updated yet.


If you choose shipment consolidation option, your items will be stored in WeShop warehouse and consolidated into as less package as possible, based on the shipping weight of your items.


We will do the consolidation for you to save your international shipping fee. Please take note, only orders from the same warehouse and shipment method can be consolidated together.

No, only orders from the same warehouse can be consolidated together.


Yes. WeShop can split your package if it contains more than one item, and you wish to separate them into two or more packages. You can split your package and discard an item, return it to the sender, or ship it at a different time or to a different address with extra fee for each new package created.

If your item is gift-wrapped, we will not repack it.

The item may have a larger volumetric weight.

Dimensional (DIM) weight, or volumetric weight, is a technique used by international couriers to calculate shipping charges based on the amount of space an item fills in an airplane’s cargo area.

Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length x height x width of a package and dividing the result by a volumetric factor.

That factor varies with the unit of measure. Since we use kilograms to calculate shipping charges, we use the following formulas to calculate volumetric weight:


Yes, but kindly note that in some cases, the shipping fee of those items is higher than their values. The actual charge depends on the product type and length, will be advised before shipping out.